Listening and Writing about a car is always an interesting part and while it comes to Luxury Cars, we cannot take our eyes off. Today we are going to know about a Product of Volvo. Volvo is one of the dreaming cars of the People due to its unique features and looks; it is born in Swedish and enlarged its business all over the world. So here come Volvo S90, Specifications, and its unique features. 

Luxury cars are mean for its unique features and new technology so starting with its unique features; Volvo S90 looks more safety compared to other cars, which means it is built with a Radar-based Safety, Blind Spot Detection, Collision Warnings and Adaptive Cruise Control Technologies. It looks S90 is mostly concentrated for the safety of travelers.

Engine & Transmission:

Volvo S90 designed with four cylinders 1969 CC engine which gives a Brake Horse Power (BHP) of 187.4 with a torque of 400 NM. It maintains a Mileage of 14 KMPL on city and 18 KMPL on the Highway roads.
S90 has 8 Gear speed Transmission System with a maximum speed capability of 230 KMPH, it will make the travelers a great experience. S90 is steered by using Rack & Pinion Power steering will make us easier on high speeds and never irritates in turnings.
Luxury cars are named for its Comfort so let’s talk about it.

Comforts Offered:

As usually like other Luxury cars, S90 has Air-Conditioning, Engine Start & Stop Button will make easier to handle this beauty, Remote Liquid Lid Opening will never let us get down while fueling, Adjustable seats to feel fantastic throughout the journey, Navigation System to travel safe and to reach destiny faster, Air Quality Controller, Touch Screen to feel Modern, Voice Control at required situations and the Multi-Functioning Steering makes this Auto more reliable and feels like heaven.

It also has a large space to adjust in front and in back too, it has a capacity to seat 5 persons easily and a great foot extension space at the front will make feel royal. It will help to relax in tiring movements.

Safety in the Car:

It has all the features regarding Safety like Airbags, Central Locking, Parking Sensors, Seat Belt Warning, Brake Assist, etc. all these features making this S90 more Safety and preferable to show Interest.
The designed Dimensions and Capacity of this Volvo S90 are as follows:
Length: 4963 mm
Width: 1879 mm
Height: 1443 mm
Ground Clearance: 152 mm
Wheel Base: 2941 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 55 liters
Overall Weight of this Beauty: 2962 KGS approximately.

Volvo S90's Price:

The Volvo S90 is approximately 54 LAKHS in Indian Showroom and may vary according to Country. It has a good EMI facility too.

Reviews About This Unique Car:

Coming to reviews, Manufacturers are very confident about this beast and named as Elegant, Confident and feeling it is a next Generation Car. It shows their expectations and confidence about their Technology.

According to some sources, the Volvo S90 secured a good review of 8.5 to 9 rating for a whole of 10. It looks like the S90 is robbing the hearts of Car Lovers with its Interior and Exterior design. By its overall features, S90 stand one of the Favorite Luxuries Cars in today’s Market.

Hope you guys satisfied with the post (HERE COME VOLVO S90, SPECIFICATIONS, AND ITS UNIQUE FEATURES)


Cars are dreaming things for youth and even old people too but coming to luxury cars, it is more to youth. So here is one of the beautiful luxurious cars brought by Jaguar and named it as Jaguar F-type in to the market, let’s have a look at it.

Jaguar F-Type

The design will be the first topic while talking about this type of cars, so the Jaguar F-type is designed with a 3.0 L DOHC 24 V V6 Supercharger Engine, 6-speed ZF geared transmission system internally, Rear wheel drive, it has an automatic Start and Stop feature.

Looking at the specifications,


The engine is capable of 340 horsepower which is at 6500 RPM and a torque of 332 at 332 RPM.


It built with Anti-Braking System with four wheeled Disc System makes the vehicle more efficient in handling at high speeds.
The vehicle is built with double wishbone suspensions at Front and Rear makes the vehicle smooth journey feeling at high speeds.

Steering & Wheels:

F-type vehicle is achieving its steering with the help of Rack & Pinion type where world is working with the Power Steering but Jaguar is looking at Rack & Pinion.
Luxury cars are attractive through their out looking so the wheels plays great role in those looking, according to its features, the wheels are made of Aluminum.

Fuel Capacity and mileage:

The F-type is able to store a 18.5 gal approximately and a mileage of 24 MPG on highway and 16 MPG on city and approximately it will acquire a 19 MPG.

Overall dimensions:

The Jaguar F-type car is designed a length a 176“, width of 75.7 “, Height of 51.6” and a Ground Clearance of 4.2 inches.

Safety Features:

It has passenger Seat-Mounted Airbags, Low Tyre Pressure warning, Airbag occupancy Sensor and Side Impact Beams, etc.


The Jaguar F-type is approximately 40 lakhs and may vary according to its features, State or Country types

By the above features, it looks like the Jaguar F-type is built with great features and tries to make the customer to feel a new driving experience. You guys too have a look at its new vehicle.


As a normal people, we know water is an important source of our survival in this nature. Apart from this, water can used for several purposes in our daily life.

All these are universal fact to a human being but for a Mechanical Engineer, it is also a universal fact that water plays a prominent role in Machining world it just mean that Yes, water can used for machining (or remove or cut the materials with the help of water) and how is going to study withing few seconds . Such equipment or device which uses water as a source to cut (or remove) the unwanted materials is called as the “Water Jet Machining” which means high-velocity water or Ultra High Velocity (jet) is used to cut the materials which cannot be done by other machining processes.

Water can used for machining but how, lets know about this.


A Water Jet Machining is a Non-Traditional Machining process or Special Purpose Machining Process follows the principle “Conversion of Kinetic Energy converts into the high-Pressure Energy”.

Required Equipment:

A Water Jet Machining typically consists of following parts.

1.    Water Tank or Reservoir.
2.    Filter.
3.    Pump.
4.    Accumulator.
5.    Control Valve.
6.    Nozzle (consists of Orifice).

Working Procedure or Process of Water Jet Machining:

Layout Of Water Jet Machining Process

So let’s start knowing about these things somewhat precisely.
  • The water will enter into Filter from Reservoir where all the dust particles will be removed here and then the water is moving forward into a Pump.
  • The Type of Pump used either Intensifier type or Direct Drive type.
  •  In this pump, the water is pressurized to 60,000 psi or 413 Mpa and then it passes through Accumulator.
  •  An accumulator is a storage tank which stores the compressed water in it to avoid the Pressure Fluctuations, then it will head into the orifice (diameter of 0.015) which locates in Nozzle
  •  In the Orifice, water will acquire a velocity of 900 m/sec because of its narrow diameter tube. Such velocity and pressure all enough to shear or machine the material in required Shape.

Types of Pumps Used in Water Jet Machining:

1.    Intensifier Type Pump.
2.    Direct Drive Pump.

1. Intensifier Type Pump:

This type of pump runs with a piston, the hydraulic oil pushes the piston to and fro motion and this movement will compress the water, as a result, water acquires a large amount of pressure used to machine the material.

2. Direct Drive Type Pump:

This type of pump consists the Crankshaft which is used to compress the water to a large amount.

Materials that Water Jet can Machine:

Water Jet from the Nozzle

I already defined that Water Jet used to machine the materials where other cannot do, it does not mean that Water Jet can machine all types of materials or metals.
It can machine only Soft materials like some of the soft Metals, Wood, Plastics, Rubbers, Gaskets, etc.

It can machine intricate shapes where other types of Machines cannot.

Technical Points:

Here are some Technical Points should be remember in Water Jet Machining.
  • Maximum Pressure Will water acquires at the end of Pump – 60000 psi.
  • Maximum velocity that water acquires after the orifice or nozzle – 900 m/sec approximately.
  • Orifice – Composite Tungsten Carbide or Sintered Boride.
  • Nozzle – Saphire.

What are the Advantages of Water Jet Machining?

  • Can machine intricate shapes on Soft Materials.
  • Gives good finishing where other cannot.
  • No friction involves so no heat will be produced.
  • Minimal Inner Radius.


Applications of a Water Jet Machining are
  • Aerospace 
         1.    Aluminum body part
         2.    Interior cabins panels.
         3.    Titanium Bodies, etc.
  • Architectural works.
  • Electronic Parts.
  • Automotive Parts.
  • Gaskets.
  • Medical/Surgical.
  • Glasses.